Team Puzzle Game

team puzzle game

We have designed our adventures to be as accessible for the most petite person to a body builder and every age group. You need skills other than brawn such as good searching skills and logical reasoning. Moving our solid furniture is not required.

We have tried the adventures with all ages and it is equally enjoyable for all age groups. For practical reasons, since this is a group activity and we need a certain level of maturity, we limit the minimum age to 12 years old, but there is no maximum age. We love kids, but this is an adult game and therefore younger children may not enjoy it. Also, there must be at least one player over 16 years of age playing in the room at all times.

Thanks to our indoor escape game, we have been recognized for excellence. Our team puzzle game is great fun. When you think of a team building activity, we know that Escape Hunt/Escape Room Miami will be the first name that comes to mind in Miami, FL. For an indoor fun activity, we are the place to go.